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What's your growth rate on this stuff? Seems like mine has recently started taking off.

I would love to see someone test nutrient export capabilities compared to chaeto or caulerpa. By far my favorite macro at this point.

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With respect to nutrient export capability, Chaeto is hard to beat, but Caulerpa excels at nutrient processing.

I prefer to use utilitarian macroalgae as part of the display. Fast growing Caulerpa will export more nutrients than Chaeto. I can no longer find the link to the research paper from University of Hawaiia but in summary most macro algae absorbs one molecule of phosphate for every 100 molecules of nitrate. Fast growing Caulerpa absorb one molecule of phosphate for every 20 molecules of nitrate. As a phosphate nutrient export mechanism, fast growing Caulerpa assimilate five times the phosphate as Chaeto. I choose C. Prolifera and C. Paspodies because they display well and they are eatable to fish and for that matter people. I have made veggie snacks from dehydrated Prolifera that was misted with olive oil and dusted with season salt. It is the same thing that I do with Kale and Swiss Chard.



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