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My 55 Long


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This is my first tank and so far so good.

I am running about 100lbs of live rock in display with 2 hydor koralia 750's. The tank is drilled and runs into a 20 gal sump. The sump has a reef octopus skimmer and refuge with chaeto (thank you mrshall!!) and a mag drive pump.

Current stock:

1 - black and gold chromis

1 - lavender tang ( I do not plan on having a large stock of fish )

3 - peppermint shrimp

20 assorted snails for cuc

little frag rock of green button polyps ** thank you again to mrshall, they are coming along lovely - opened right up when I put em in. : )

1 - small frag of green digi coral

1 - large frag of green seriatopora coral ** nice frags juiceman - they look great!

It's been a looong road to get here but I am enjoying every minute of it.

day one.zip


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