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Fishy is running out of room sps colony sale!!!


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Well I need to sell some of my favorite colonies due to their rapid growth and shrinking room in my tank. These guys are a little upset and their true color is not represented in the pictures due to recent tank redo. I GUARNTEE no flat worms or red bugs on any of my corals. I'll keep this ad posted local to Austin for five days and then move on to other forums, so get em while you can.

Here goes:

$50.00 for this guy


$75.00 for this unique Bali-tri


Big nice blue tiped SueT tenius colony that is over 7 inches tall and very fast growth. This colony started as a 1 inch frag 8 months ago.



$65.00 for this nice super bright green guy


Nice blue tiped acro colony attatched to a nice piece of live rock. $65.00


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