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135G DSA Custom


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All right lets get started.

This really started from taking my wife to a local fish store and her seeing bigger tanks, at least that's what I tell myself. It really stemmed from me wanting to upgrade my 50G. So here are the goals I set out to accomplish:

Increase Lighting, (Water Volume, Quality & Stability), Aesthetic, Bioload in Display, Biological Filtration.

Decrease Sound, Daily Tasks

So here is what is planned:


Deep Sea Aquatics 135G 48x24x29 Custom

¾” extra clear glass on all sides & pvc bottom, top pvc bracing

Dual 1 - ½” Center bulkheads


2x Ecotech XRw30 PRO 340W

Water Flow:

1x Reeflo Snapper Dart Gold (dart impeller) 2400 GPH (6’ head) 150W

2x Ecotech MP40wES 50% 3200 GPH (50%) 30W

Genesis Renew Pro


1x Avast Black Pearl 26W

1x Avast Swabbie 3W

1x Avast Davy Jones Skimmate Locker

1x Avast MR5 running carbon

1x Avast Kracken BioPellet Rector


1x ¼HP Chiller 720W

1000 Watts of heating


1x Korallin 3002 10W (already had) $150 used

1x Avast SeaBones Effluent Chamber $170

1x Reef Octopus SRO KS 100 $250

Sump & Refugium:

3x 29G Talls 1 for Sump and 2 for Refugium and/or cryptic zones.

Avast The Black Pearl W/ Swabbie & MR5

Avast Davy Jones Locker and The Kraken

Deep Sea Aquatics Custom 135G

Frame For Stand

Ecotech LED's & MP40s

Lots of other plans and ideas to go along with this soon.

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Looks right up my alley ! Very cool. Are you planning on using a controller to manage this beast ?

Yes sorry didn't list it I have a reef Keeper elite W/ Net. I currently have it hooked up to my 50G and will transfer it during the build.

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