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Top-Down Porthole, Smartphone Edition



Take great photos of your aquarium from the top down, the way corals

are meant to be viewed! This handy look down box is designed to clamp

your iPhone or similar smartphone to the top, allowing you to

(carefully) dip the housing in the water and get tack sharp photos

without annoying lightbulb reflections or surface ripples. A

felt-covered clamp bar securely holds the phone to the top and prevents

scratches to the screen. The black knob on top provides a secure grip,

allowing you to tap the screen to focus and shoot photos with your free

hand. The white top plate prevents any glare from overhead lights, and

the smoked tube body allows some light in the side without glare or

reflections. The entire top plate disassembles with nylon hardware,

which allows easy cleaning of the inside lens should dust get inside.

Operation is very straightforward: Turn off your phone's flash, then

align phone's camera over the hole in the top, clamp in place, and

carefully dip the housing in the water and snap photos.

Coral vendors may find the Porthole especially useful as most modern

smartphones have the capability to automatically upload photos via WiFi,

so no need to get out the big camera, take pics, attach camera to

computer, download to computer, upload to website, etc. Let the phone

do all of that automatically!


Some photos taken with the Smartphone Edition Porthole:


Justin's favorite Stichodactyla gigantea, taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4, under LED lights.

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