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46 Bowfront, almost complete system


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Asking $100 for:

Tank/stand/glass lid on top (the rubber connecting the two pieces is gone)


Two power heads

Hang on the back filter and a small trash bag full of the filter mesh, which is what I used instead of buying filter cartridges.

All of the rock except for the coral looking piece (most purple in it, see the 4th photo) and the larger piece to the bottom right of that. I would say close to 100lbs. A couple rocks have some algae on them.

A few mushroom corals:

Rock with greenish bumpy mushrooms

2 watermelon-not seen

1 red

1 bluish/purple speckled one...this rock has two itty bitty maxi carpets that I haven't been taking care of.

Two kenya trees

Some type of leather coral

Rock with feather duster

1 Turbo snail if it's still alive

1 Serpant Star fish

There is no sand. This was a temp. home for my fish so I just put egg crate down.

Not included are the lights, fish and urchins. The lights are clearly not strong enough to keep much alive in this tank. It was all I had and I want to keep them to light inside the stand of my new tank.

Available Saturday and early in the day Sunday. Must bring your own containers...I am out of extra buckets.








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