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Black Ice Clownfish got beat up... does he look OK?


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Our first tank inhabitant an Ocellaris Clownfish decided to beat up our Black Ice Clownfish after about a year of being in the tank together.

We gave away the Ocellaris about two weeks ago.

First the Black Ice Clown was missing almost all it's fins, now they seem mostly to have come back.
Second there was a white mark on it's eye and it was partially clouded over. The mark has disappeared and now the eye is clearer.
Third this morning I noticed some white material on the bottom side of his body near his gill. Doesn't look like mucus or puffy... more like skin/flesh. It's pretty hard to see.

I was told it might be brooklynella...

I've attached a picture of the Clown and also a video. He is eating very well and I've been feeding more garlic, selcon and vitamins then normal.

Do you guys see anything for alarm... or might what I'm seeing just be from weeks of being attacked by the Oc. Clown?

Thanks guys smile.png


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So it would get worse pretty quick?

Always QT, nothing new in the tank for months and months... seems strange to me. Hoping just battle damage or some sort of bacterial infection from being so stressed.

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