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BRS (probably others) sell braided nylon tubing: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/braided-nylon-tubing-sold-by-the-foot.html. Home Depot sells some braided tubing as well, but it is listed as Braided-Vinyl Tubing http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/braided-nylon-tubing-sold-by-the-foot.html, the description says "Polyester braided reinforced PVC".

Had I thought about it I would have just ordered the braided nylon tubing from BRS, but I did not, and I want to finish up my project, a return line manifold, and the plan was to use 1/2 tubing from hose barbs off the ball valves to the equipment. I assume the braided-vinyl tubing from Home Depot will be safe for the aquarium, but figured I'd post here to see if others have used it or have input on using it.


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The tubing you are referring to is safe for potable water use. Safe for human consumption should be good enough for the reef tank.

Are you kidding me? I drink out of my tap, my fish/coral get NICE CLEAN RO/DI water. Apparently in my house, good enough for human, is NOT good enough for my fish/coral. :)

LOL Just kidding, well not really their water IS better, but thanks for the input. The Funny thing is I have a prepper buddy, that was talking about having a few 5 gallon jugs of water, just in case.... I told him I have about 100g of drinking water, 50 of it I consider "waste". :)

I figured it was safe but like I said I figured I'd check. Thanks Mitch for the offer, but I'll just get a 10' length and have extra, I'll pick this up with a couple small items I missed yesterday from Home Depot tonight.

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