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Mangrove macro rock


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Selling a single piece of live rock. It has 4 mangroves rooted into it as we'll as feather caulerpa rooted to it. This is great for a lagoon tank or to be placed in someone's fuge. I had it sitting on a 3 in sand bed in my sump. It probably has one if not two myth tax crabs in it as we'll as hermits and snails.

50 obo.

Please pm if interested :)Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Awwww, isn't that cute. He's wearing gloves.

You arent scare of a few bristle worms are you? devil.gif

No I actually just got out of the shower and did not want to leave any soap or residue into my tank. I only wear gloves if I'm worried what might get into the tank from my skin.

Also, the tank that this rock is in will be leaving my house very shortly (someone already placed a deposit on it)

When the tank leaves I will have no place to put this, If I get any offers on it I'll be forced to let it go when the tank leaves so make an offer :) If I don't get any offers I already have in my mind a few people that will end up with the rock if they want it.

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