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Neon Green Toadstool and Misc. Frags

Richard L

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1. Green Slimer Acro $15

2. ORA Ponape Birdsnest $15 sold doughthedj

3. Cali Tort $15 sold jknight

4. Neon Green Toadstool $50 sold Juiceman

5. Grandis Paly, 2 polyps $30

6. Hollywood Stunner Chalice $15

Hold with Paypal only.

The toadstool is very rare - all green head with extra long, neon green polyps. It has become the centerpiece of my tank and its also one of the easiest corals to care for in my collection. Another unusual feature is that unlike most toadstools this guy doesn't wax over. Here's some pics of the mother colony:


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