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lobos & blastos


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All sold

Selling some coral from my 8gal.  I've recently had a gha outbreak for the first time in this tank, so I'm going to go ahead and sell off some coral before it spreads (hopefully it won't).  I have the corals moved onto a frag rack to prevent the gha from getting on it. Just ask for better pics if you need one, I never seem to get very good ones. 


Pick up in south Austin near Slaughter/Manchaca, cash or paypal, everything is OBO


Sold $30 large bright green lobo.  I've had this one for at least 2yrs.



Sold $10 bright green lobo always has feeding tentacles out.  Has some gha starting on the skeleton. I've had this for at least 2 years.



Sold $10 these blastos are a little bleached and have some gha on it.  They are gorgeous when fully colored up.  They just need some shade.



Sold $50 Big blue blastos. At least 10 heads and grows steadily.  Always happy and open, very hardy.  Been in a couple of my tanks over the past couple years.  I've never seen any other blue blastos like them.




Sold $15 5 heads



Sold $25 grows fast, always dropping frags



Sold $25 a whole ball of blastos, typical red and green ones.  They're on a long branch, maybe a few inches long.  I had moved the rack so it's just starting to open back up in this picture.



Sold$15 several heads.  These are bright green in the center with a tan border.  These have been with me forever and have been very hardy but they haven't been so thrilled with the gha outbreak, so I priced them lower.



Sold$20 really beautiful blastos, several heads open up nice and big.  Maroon border with really neat center.  These absolutely glow under blue lights.



Sold$10 blue sympodium


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