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Need Volunteers for tank move


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So I know this is very last moment, but the thread had a good turn out before the server wipe, I hope this one has just as good if not better turn out.

We are moving pmrogers old 750 gallon tank setup, I have a truck lined up and ready for Saturday. I'm also working on getting a flatbed trailer to use for extra space. We will be doing the move after the meeting this Saturday.

Also if you sent me a PM about the tank move to provide number or available times, I no longer have those messages from the server wipe. But the crew seems confident in their fix so we should be ready to roll forward! Please resend the PM if you can.

(If I added you tot he list and you aren't able to help I apologize I'm going on memory, just let me know and I'll remove you so we have a solid count. Posted Image

Volunteers able to help:


Timfish (With his almighty tank jack)






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I would... But I was given a free ticket to the v8 supercar race on sat... I can't turn that down.

Not even to scale Mt. Driverest carrying a 700 lbs. tank with an experienced Sherpa? Sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity you will be passing up.

Err, as for me I'll be in Seattle.

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If anyone has suction cups can they please bring them? I think the club has some for premium members when needed?

Also if anyone has a 150 gallon stock tank that Pmrogers can use, he is looking for one for just a few days.

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Sorry I couldn't make it, Chris.

No worries at all bud, we got it handled without too much struggle.

If Timfish hadn't shown up with his might tank jack we would never be able to do it how we did.

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