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Consolidated thread - lots of corals

Mr Cob

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*South Austin Delivery Sun. June 2nd 1-2pm *

Pretty simple... let me know what you want, I send you an invoice with total, you pay cash, credit card, paypal and then arrange for pickup in San Antonio or hit up one of the Austin deliveries.

More ultras on the site: http://www.mrcobscorals.com/magento/index.php/wysiwyg-corals.html



DD) 3" white pipe organ $15 (has 20+ polyps)
*no pic*

DDD) 2 heads of Aussie Firecracker dendro $20
*no pic*

J) TOXIC Ultra Aussie Branching Hammer, SINGLE HEAD $40 each (2 avail)

EE) LRG Red and White Coco worm 10"+ with 2 crowns $40
FF) LRG Red and Orange Coco worm 10"+ with 2 crowns $50
GG) Hawaiian Rare Feather Duster (rare in that it is black and white, normally they are burgundy and white) $20

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HH) Ultra Blue Ric with orange spots on left $20 PENDING

II) Ultra Green Ric in center (2 polyps) $30

JJ) Ultra orange ric on right with 2 mouths and neon green centers $30

Posted Image

KK) Ultra Rare Ric 2 tone yellow and blue with neon green center $40

LL) Ultra Ric 2 tone orange with neon green center $30

Posted Image

I have another one of these available for $50 PENDING Mitch

gold tip torch from Australia

Posted Image




Designer Clownfish:

1) Black Photon Female LRG 2"+ x Super picasso male bonded broodstock pair added to website: mrcobscorals.com

2) Snowflake Female 2"+ nice blue lines $150

3) Blacker Ice (1.25"-1.5") $125

4) Premium Black Ice (connecting front bars, 1.25"-1.5") $140

5) Darwin ($1.25"-1.5") 25 PENDING

6) Premium Black Picasso (connecting back bars, 1.25"-1.5") $140

Pic of #1:

Posted Image

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Austin premium members take 20% off of your order if you buy two corals... offer expires this Sunday. Remember I ship too..or you can pick up this Sun when I deliver to Austin.

Non premium get 15% off! Everyone wins!

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