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Got a new one for you.. Silver Hydrosol - Treating fish

Mr Cob

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First... the disclaimer: *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK* I'm just sharing my own notes here.

We have been using Silver Hydrosol (Colloidal Silver) in our household for a couple of years now to treat anything and everything from runny noses, coughs, cuts, burns, bruses, rashes etc... we also have 4 small children so we literally have a never ending cause to use it.

Quick testimony using Silver... about a week ago I sliced my thumb with a butcher knife and I healed completely in less than a week applying silver to the wounds twice daily. Seriously. The knife went through my thumb and nail about a quarter inch, we were very close to going to emergency room for stitches but I didn't feel I needed to. Looking at my thumb a week later, you can't even tell anything had happened.

Our first use in Saltwater: My wife suggested we use it on one of the clownfish nests that was showing signs of bacteria growth after pulling the pot from the male. We tried it and the areas that we applied the silver cleared up the bacteria and the eggs hatched a day later.

We have been reading online where others have tried it on their fresh and saltwater fish to help with parasites and other diseases and have read a few success stories.

Second use in saltwater: Tonight we decided to try it on a large female platinum clownfish that has been showing signs of heavy breathing the last couple of days. No other fish are having similar problems and all parameters are in check.

We pulled the female out with her male picasso mate, both stayed in the pot so was a pretty easy pull.. and put them in a container. Added one half eye dropper of the silver and waited about 10 minutes. Added the pot with fish back and all seems well. We also decided to add the water with the silver in it to the tank to continue the treatment. Corals are also in this system.

Will update tomorrow with status of fish and system.


More info about sovereign silver: http://sovereignsilver.net/
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Platinum female looked very active this morning and was swimming outside the pot, which she has not done in a few days. Lights were out so couldn't check breathing. Will update later when lights are on.

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