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DESIGNER clownfish for sale

Mr Cob

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Proaquatix lineage unless otherwise stated.

Small 1.25-1.5"
Super Picasso (mostly white, bright orange and black, unsure of lineage) $150

Onyx Puzzle Picasso $200 PENDING
Premium Black Picasso (connecting back bars) $160 dropped to $130
Orange Skunks $19.99 x 2 (BOTH PENDING)
Darwin $25 PENDING
Premium Black Ice (connecting front bars) $180 Dropped to $140
BlackER Ice $150 Dropped to $125

Medium 1.75"
Wyoming White (Sea and Reef) $200 PENDING
Snowflake (Sea and Reef) $60 x 2 BOTH PENDING

LRG 2"+
Black Photon Female (Sea and Reef) $100
Snowflake Female (Sea and Reef, nice blue lines) $150

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