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Help seed a new tank! WTB Chaeto and some coralline algae.


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I'm setting up a build with DIY rock custom design to grow a garden of exotic Zoanthids. I just got the Zoes planted/glued/puttied down. Now I'm a little worried about the green/brown algae they likely brought with them. I have gone to great lengths to keep this tank clean. I need some Coralline introduced stat or else my rock will look ugly soon!

Anyone have some selection Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow without hair algae or other pests growing on it?! It shouldn't take a lot for me to get scrapings going.

In addition I need chaeto for my refugium. Again, without pests/nuisanse. I would love a good collection of benificial pods, etc of coarse!

I know I can get these things from a few local stores in my area but their stuff is all covered in undesirables. I'm trying to keep this thing clean from the start!

I'm in the North Austin area (near Cedar Park) and will gladly pay for your time and efforts! These are even things you can drop in the mail with a ziplock bag. Email me!



[email protected]

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