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REEF BUDDY - Coral & Fish Caddy - $10 each, free for all orders

Mr Cob

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All orders get 1 free REEF BUDDY!

(offer valid while supplies last)

We will also have extras with us tomorrow for $10 each. Retail price is $12.99.

Where: Wal-Mart parking lot off I35 and Slaughter LN in South Austin from 1-2pm. Parking lot behind the Starbucks.

Stop by and meet your new REEF BUDDY! smile.png






The REEF BUDDY - Coral Frag Caddy by Mr. Cob's Corals, LLC


The Reef Buddy - Coral Caddy is great for transporting, shipping and acclimating fish and coral frags safely and securely.

It's a simple and affordable solution for transporting, shipping and acclimating small fish and coral. The product utilizes a classic water bottle modded with a center pole and shelves to stagger coral frags. The frag plugs sit securely and prevent tumbling, great for delicate SPS.

1) Float the REEF BUDDY in a bucket with tank water for 15 minutes to acclimate temp.
2) Open nozzle tip and squeeze REEF BUDDY to let H2O escape, then release to let tank H2O enter.
3) Repeat step 2 every 5 minutes until you feel enough H2O has transfered to acclimate your coral and fish.

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