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Aquarium Nerd Social

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Hey y'all, I am hosting a get together for fish nerds of all types.

Thursday the 28th


Opal Divine's- Marina

I have two tickets to Capital City Coral Corral to give away at the social. I am still deciding what the contest will be. Small tank contest? Fish Nerd Off? Help me decide.

This is not a Fish Gallery "Drink Like a Fish" event, this is just me wanting to hang out with fish people. The next DLaF will be in April as soon as it is safe to have (tipsy) people inside the building. So no wide open tab at this one, though I will probably drunkenly buy a couple pitchers which I will regret Friday morning.


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Ok, I figured out what the contest for the two tickets will be.

One ticket for the nerdiest fish related shirt (or hat or whatever).

The other ticket will be a fish nerd story contest. Who ever has gone

to the most extreme in their fish nerdery wins. You tell your story and

we see who is the biggest fish nerd.

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Hmmm y'all are slower on the uptick when there isn't an open tab. :) Weird.

I will be buying a pitcher or two and there will be two tickets to C4 up for people to win tonight. I hope to see you at Opal's tonight!

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