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I know a few folks in the club are also homebrewers so I figured I'd give y'all first shot at them. I'm not getting out of the brewing hobby, just downsizing. I don't see myself having 10 kegs on tap again. whistle.gif

So, I have 7 3 corny kegs for sale. These are becoming hard to find these days, many kegs were scrapped when the price of stainless jumped.
3 are pin lock and 4 are ball lock. All need cleaning but are in good shape, recently rebuilt with o-rings etc. (year or two) and hold pressure. Price: $45.00 each .If you buy the pin-lock kegs and want some gas and beverage connectors I'll throw those in for free. I'm consolidating to ball-lock so I will keep my ball-lock adapters. KEGS ARE ALL SOLD

Also have 4 carboys. I used these as secondaries. They are also in good shape, clean, and no chips. 3 are 5g and 1 is 6g Price: $40.00 for all four or $12.00 each.CARBOYS ALL SOLD

Pictures below, thanks for looking. The items and I are both in Bastrop.

Thanks, Grog/Zane



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Thanks for the interest and feedback guys.

The ball lock kegs are pending.

Pin locks kegs are available.

Carboys are available, and one correction, 3 are 5 gallon and 1 is 6 gallon.

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Sorry to revive an old post but I found more kegs, the pin locks are still available, and I'm selling wine bottles too.

So I'm updating the prices. Rock bottom prices for the club. smile.png and I want the space in my garage back.

2 pin lock kegs - $30.00 each, if you want some pin lock connectors I'll give them to you with the purchase SOLD

2 ball lock kegs - $40.00 each SOLD

Carboys 5x - $40.00 for the lot of 5 or $10.00 each

Wine Bottles, used, but cleaned, and all labels removed. ~100 of them will sell individually at $0.50 each (less than half of retail) This is a heck of a lot of wine bottles... Bring a few boxes to carry. Various colors of green and shapes. I'm keeping the clear ones for mead.

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