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It's time for me to supplement my cleanup crew. Anyone else need to order from RC? I'm in no rush btw.

For those not familiar, it's free shipping when we hit $250. We order separately, but all of it gets shipped to the Coordinator (me). All items are bagged separately per individual, so it's easy to distribute.

GB is on. Delivery date is Fri 3/1. Pickup is near RCA ( http://goo.gl/maps/jZQ0S ).

Please do the following:
1) submit your order no later than Wed 2/27 midnight,
2) don't forget to include the penny macro algae,
3) select Group Buy under Shipping Method,
4) on the last page before you confirm the order, please add "Austin Reef Club GB" to the Note section, and
5) email me your invoice ( to mitch DOT sengson AT gmail DOT com ) so i have $ amount and inventory so i can print and manage the distribution of items

Oh, I just saw on their website that they are offering this discount right now:
Use the code "5off" to receive $5 off any purchase made today over $30.

We've exceeded the $250 free shipping threshold already.

Orders submitted:
o0zarkawater (CP)
sifuentes31 (CP)
Juiceman (Manor)
Bio3 x3
Woods (CP)
Meteorflower (N Central, Lamar & 51st)
Stephen (South, Stassney & West Gate)
dapettit (NE)
Atxnightrider44 (Del Valle)

Cubic (N Central, Koenig btwn Burnet & Lamar)

JCAB (N Central, Airport & I35)

RobR (RR)

Still haven't heard from:

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Has deadline been set yet?

Not yet, but we're already at $220, and there's always stragglers, so i think it's safe that we can aim to submit the order next week with a delivery of Fri 3/1. Anyone have issues with this?

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I'm in. I'll send ya a pm with my order later.

Dave, RC GBs work differently... each individual submits their order themselves, so i don't need to know your order, only your subtotal for my tracking...

Here's RC's GB page:


I forgot doh.gif

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Placed a partial order, going to keep watching the site incase the fuzzy chiton and E crabs come back. Hopefully they will be in stock before shipping and I can grab a few more like I wanted.

I'll forward to you in a minute

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