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Calcium Reactor package - needs TLC, $60


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Korallin Calcium Reactor Setup - $60
Got it from someone who was getting out of the hobby
Comes with Korallin Calcium reactor with bubble counter, regulator, needle valve, custom made (looks funky but works) secondary chamber for reactor (reduce pH swings). It's an older looking setup, never tried to run it myself but saw the owner take it offline at his place so I know it was working. Only caveat being the equipment is older looking (salt spray on regulator and needle valve, a little rust here and there). I'll throw in an old, rusty (but working) CO2 tank for free (still has CO2 in it, probably only 1/4 - 1/2 full), caveat again being it is pretty rusty and its huge. I think it is a 20lb tank, but my estimation skills are horrible. Also throw in an extra regulator as parts. It works but the 2nd gauge doesn't read the PSI and I stole the bubble counter off of it for my current setup.

This setup is for the DIY'er who doesn't mind spending the effort to polish this setup up a bit, hence the low price. The reactor alone is probably worth more than the price I am selling the whole setup for. Let me know if you're interested. Still has some media in it.

Let me know if you want to pick it up. Thanks!




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