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Wrasse in your phamily's tang?


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Thanks to my 3 other friends (Vu,Ti, and Cory) for picking this setup on last Saturday. Unfortunately, we cracked the base of molding of the tank. As you can see there is nothing glue can't fix. The Oceanic tank dim is 84" x 24" x 26" with the same custom stand and canopy like my current 135G. I like the darker look on my furniture, so decided to re-stain the canopy and stain to Bombay Mahogany.FYI the canopy picture above is with one layer of stain. Planning on have 2-3 layers.

After taking it home this thing is huge it would have took up my whole poker/dinning area where I currently have my tank, plus the wife is not so thrill with have a 215G on our wood flooring. Plus, I don't want her to "monitor" the area every time I do a water change or aquascaping:-)So the next area in the house would be our kitchen. We don't really need the dinning table so if anyone want to buy an almost new glass table set you can find it in the non-reef forsale section. My plan is to move all livestock and equipment from the 135G to this new setup.

I really like to have a nice open reef design were all the wrasses and tangs can swim. I've researching for different design on the web and look at many picture but still not what kind of design I wanted. Thought about two island at both side with open space in the middle. But with a 84" long tank that is going to be too much empty room. Maybe that can be space for my zoa gaden. Anyone has any suggestions? website that should look at? thanks

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