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WTB: 20" Power Compact Light, Powerhead, and HOB Filter


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Making an attempt at a cost-effective, low-tech system. At this time, I am in search of comparable items to:

20" Coralife 96w Power Compact Fixture (Anything with similar specifications, preferably with 50%white/50%actinic will do)

Maxi-Jet 400 Powerhead (Anything around 110GPH or less will do)

Whisper 60 HOB Filter (Anything rated for 60-gallon aquarium is ok)

Please send me a PM with item description and asking price.

Thank you for looking!

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Tried to PM, but it said you cannot receive any new messages.

I have the exact light you are looking for. The bulb is probably 6months old and depending on what your plans are, would need to be replaced in the next 6. It was a 50/50 coralife.

I was planning on listing it for $50, but while cleaning it I kind of broke one of the mounting legs. It can most likely be super glued, but I cant promise that. I'll try to get a pic of the damage later. At this pioint I'd take $30 for it. It also has a small 1w LED moonlihght that was added.

I have a couple Aquaclear HOB filters if you are interested. I don't think I have as large as an AC70 though, I'll have to pull them out and scrub to be sure.

Are you using the powerhead in the tank, or as a pump?

If you haven't found one yet, let me look through my pumps as well and see if I can't take care of everything you need in one place!

- Chris

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