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WtT - Red Decorative Macro Algae


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I have been growing this red decorative Macro Algae (it most resembles Fauchea Laciniata but could be a Rhodophyte of some sort) for about 6 months in my daughter's tank and it looks great, and it is now time to trim some back. It is a great grower. It attaches to rock and will grow in a dome shape. It is not a free floater so you don't have to worry about it getting caught in overflows, etc. I have put some in my main DT with my Tangs and Rabbitfish and they devoured it, so don't plan on putting it with them or you won't have any left.

I am looking to trade golf ball sized clumps for Zoas, Palys, LPS, Chalice, etc. If you have bigger things like a clam, RBTA anemone, Mag5 or 9.5, I will give you several clumps to make up the larger quantity. I am not interested in GSP, leathers, xenia, or the common corals that take over a tank. etc...

Please do not post here as I won't check back often enough. You can text me at 5one2 5six5 4two9nine any reasonable offers or questions.


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