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Gotham City Public Aquarium


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That's not a pico, THIS is a pico.

You know what they say 'Go big or go home", but I didn't listen.


I wanted a challenge with this contest, I still haven't decided what I am doing for light.

Batman Themed Kids Tank - $6 on clearance - I saw these when they were normally for sale for $26, but wouldn't touch it then. But for $6 I couldn't pass it up.

Azoo Mini Filter - $16 off Amazon.

Sand - Cupfull from 3 established tanks. The hermit was an accident in one of my scoops, but we'll see how he does.

The tank holds 1.75 Quarts with no sand, so that's just under a half gallon. With the sand I figure there's about .4 gallons of water.


Stocking? I'm not sure I have figured that out yet, probably just a small coral or two and a shrimp. Not sure I can get much in the way of fish who can make do with a real pico tank, but I'm still looking.

We'll see how this goes.

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Dude this could be epic. I'd be tempted to go the species tank route and make it for just one coral, and let that coral totally take off and grow out uninhibited by competition.Maybe something super aggressive that normally doesn't do well in picos due to turf wars, like a galaxea or a favia. Or a bunch of awesome acans--you could totally find a colour-theme to match Gotham's villains that way.

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Finally got my light built yesterday.

Now to work on that acan farm!

Desk Lamp from Goodwill - $4

2 Royal blue 3w, and 1 cool white 5w from RapidLED - $11

10w cheap chinese driver from dx.com - $5

Heatsink/fan combo from old computer - Free

Wallwart to run the fan - Goodwill - $2 ( I will be hardwiring this in, looks ghetto now)





I plan on doing a MASSIVE (2 cups) water change tomorrow and adding a sponge to the filter to help clear up the tank.

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