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Build an ATO in 10 min for under $10 (great for picos and nanos)

Capt. Obvious

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Doing this write up for fun and I thought some people might be interested

To begin you will need:

A bottle (20oz or 3 liter etc)

Some 1/4 airline

Some 1/4 stiff tubing

Some cat5, phone line, speaker cable or any insulated wire

A float switch

A medo map-1704 medical air pump

A 5-6v power source (old cell phone charger or an arduino are good choices)

A drill (or a lighter and a crappy screwdriver)

Silicon sealant

Step 1:

Wash the bottle and lid thoroughly

Step 2:

Drill (2) 1/4" holes in the lid (or melt them with a hot screwdriver)

Step 3:

Cut a length of rigid tube the height of the bottle and attach it to a length of 1/4 hose (this is the output hose, so make it long enough to get to your tank or sump) and insert it in one of the holes all the way to the bottom

Step 4 push another piece of airline into the other hole (approx 1/4" into the lid) and silicon around both holes to ensure an air tight seal

Step 5 attach the air pump to the other end of this hose

Step 6 attach the wire to the motor

Step 7 attach one wire to the positive leg of your power source

Step 8 attach the other wire to one of the float switches wires

Step 9 attach the other float switch wire to the ground leg of your power source

Step 10 mount and adjust your float switch

Step 11 fill bottle with rodi

Step 12 screw the lid on tightly

Step 13 plug in your power source







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