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My new tank


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I finally got the 58 that I got from dapettit setup and going. I am still upgrading and replacing some equipment but it is atleast to a point where I can begin to start stocking it and build a nice reef. I am running a single buildmyled strip right now but will be adding another one or maybe two in the next month or so. I am currently using a precision marine redline 150 skimmer but may be changing out to a new cone skimmer that is a little better suited to this tank and sump size.

Its nothing to brag about yet but I like to take things very slowly at first so here are a few camera phone pics:





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Not sure ... I had it with a mountain/tower on each side and a low spot in the middle but it just looked too cluttered. I like a lot of open space but the height of this tank made it a little difficult to scape exactly like I wanted. I may eventually build some sort of tower to go on the other side.

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