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Complete 12 gallon rimless system $550 OBO


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Hey guys, so I decided to takedown and sell my 12 gallon system to gather funds for a bigger all-in-one system in the future.

Hardware List:

  • 11.4 Gallon Rectangle Glass Model MA-716 Aquarium, Mr. Aqua (back painted black) ~$50
  • Marineland Reef Capable LED lighting System w/integrated timer ~$150
  • Eschopps PF-Nano Overflow box ~$55
  • Lifegard Aquatics Quite One Pro Series Aquarium Pump 1200 ~$40
  • Aqueon Heater 50 Watt ~$15
  • Marineland Penguin Power Filter for 30 to 50 gal Aquariums, plus 5 additional filter pads ~$48
  • 10 gallon ceder stand ~$40
  • 5.5 gal sump with three partitions ~$10
  • Koralia Circulation pump, 240 gph ~$25
  • Tetra 20 gallon Air pump ~$10
  • Mars Fishcare 401M Saltwater Master Test Kit ~$30
  • I also have miscellaneous hardware that goes into making the complete system (e.g. u-tube, tubing, a net, felt aquarium magnets, clip-on lamp, aquarium padding, buckets, etc.)


  • Live rock (some pictured below) Mixture of Fiji and Man-made (60lbs total?). Has been curing for about 2 months with circulation pump and heater at 70F
  • Live sand about 20 lbs

All hardware is in perfect working order, has been clean and stored in original boxes, and has been used for less than 4 months. You can contact me on here or text me at: 815-701-2912




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