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Frags for sale


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making a little room. frags have healed and are happy. Pm or txt me if intersted chris 576 5181. Will also consider trades.

space monster 1 polyp- $50


Rastas - 5 polyps sold

4 polyps $40 OBO

3 polyps $30 OBO


Aogs 3 polyps sold

1 plus inch multi branch Myagi Tort bad pic

$30. OBO


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how long have you had the miyagi? and what lighting do you keep it under...I've never had luck with em..

Well the miyagi frags I had cut about 4 months ago from the mother but the mother over 7 months. This pic is just with 2 t5s the ATI blue plus, but normally it's all under 4 t5s and 2 metal halide 150s. And it's all been doing really good.

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