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Austin Plastic Supply Review


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I just had a bad experience with a plastic supply company here in town that shall remain nameless. However, APS came to the rescue! APS provided me with much cleaner cuts, exactly the size I wanted with zero hassle. Best yet. They did it in 5 minutes and the cost for 8 cuts was 10.36. I originally spent 3 times that amount having half the amount of cuts and material. I highly recommend Austin Plastic Supply. They are located off Kramer and Braker, just across from the Metrorail stop. They can provide any type of acrylic, in any thickness, and color. They cut while you wait! No lead time! They even sell plastic supplies onsite for polishing, cutting, branding, and routing. Give them a shout next time you have a project!


Contact info:

Austin Plastic Supply

2415 Kramer Ln Austin, TX 78758

(512) 836-1025
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