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Breaking down, moving sale


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I am moving and trying to thin the equipment pile. I will be adding more as I find it. Also check out my corals.

I have:

Stand and hood, 72" by 18" by 36" tall. Had a 135 on it $150


Light fixture, 3-250 watt metal halides, 4 power compacts, 8 moonlights. Center bulb needs replacement. All ballast works. $600


30 long tank, chipped $20

Marineland C-530 canister $150

Red sea berlin skimmer, no pump $50

And my main tank, once livestock sells:

Maybe my led fixture. 48 cree leds with dimmer. $450

55 gallon tank $50

Oak stand $200 stained cherry

30 long sump $100

Mag5 pump $40

HOB overflow $40

NWB150 skimmer $100

Please pm with offers. Will hold with paypal. I am located in Temple, but could meet in Austin on the weekends.

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I was thinking $450. It is a 48 led system 48" long with oak frame and ceiling mounts. I built the entire think myself. Blue and white are individually dimable. Also has 4 moonlights. All LEDs except moonlights have 60 degree lenses. 1 led is burnt out from construction, but easily replaceable. Full length heat sink with 3 120mm fans. Drilled and tapped with space for an additional 48 LEDs. I grew a birdsnest from 1" to a softball in under a year with these on my 55. I ran them about 80%.

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