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Corals, come get your corals.


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Trying to make some room.

Devils Hand Leather - SOLD

Taking up too much room.

This guy is attached to a small rock and when open is about 4-5" wide and 6-7" tall.

There are also babies all over the tank I will give to anyone buying other corals who wants one.


Fuzzy Green Pavona Cactus - SOLD

While I love the way this coral looks, its taking up too much zoa space.

I grew this colony from about a quarter sized piece.

The colony is currently about 4"wide x 3", and stands about 2" tall.


Green/Red Pavona Cactus - SOLD

Another pavona I've grown from a small piece, but taking up too much space.

This one is smoother than the above, with a red tint to it.

It's been falling into my chalices lately, so it has some dead spots, but they will re-grow.

3" x 3" x 2"


Misc Coral Rock - SOLD

This rock is probably about 4" x 6" x 5" and full of life.

Not only will this rock contain all sorts of copepods, probably brittle stars and bristle worms, but several corals.

Bright green mouthed zoas, Green tinted clove polyps, Pulsing pom pom xenia, and there are a few Strawberry wine zoas and some orange ones as well.

The strawberry wine and oranges are currently unhappy because of the clove polyps rubbing up against them constantly. You might want to cut them away.


Pulsing PomPom Xenia - $5/Stalk

I'm ready to trim this stuff off my rock. These will be fresh cut, so you need to find a way to mount them in your tank. This is a nice light pink xenia that pulses in low flow.


Blue Orga(ni)sm Zoas 10 Polyps - SOLD


Magician Palys - 9 Polyps - $45

I have 2 colonies and this one is taking up space ready to grow in your tank.


Mohawk Zoas - $2 - per polyp (5min)

These will be pulled off the sandbed, possily attached to small rocks or shells, but most likely loose.


Unknown zoa - $1/pp (5min)

These are a real pretty zoa with a purple/brown body and bright green/blue mouth. I like them, but need to thin them back some. As above, most wont have rocks attached, fresh cut.


PM me. During the week if you want to come by the apt. it will need to be after 7. I can bring corals to work during the weekdays @Balcones Woods & 183.

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thanks for the zoas they are doing great!!!

Actually, after reading a recent thread, I might need those back. You practically stole them from me.

Glad they are doing good.

I saw that too but I think he might have overpriced

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