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Coralvue Flipper Cleaner


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While at MACNA this year I had the opportunity to talk to Duard about their new product the Fl!pper Cleaner.

The previous version of this product is called the Mag-Flip, I'm sure you've seen them around. It's a two part magnetic cleaner that has a dual-sided scraper/scrubber for cleaning algae off your glass and acrylic. By twisting the magnet handle you can cause the wetside to flip so as to alternate between the scraper and scrubber sides. I've got two of this version and used them for years on both my 90g tank and my 34g Solana. The scraper blade on the Mag-Flip was plastic, and while it worked well it would dull quickly. This wasn't good when trying to remove tough algae or coraline. The magnet was a little weak as well, so attempting to flip the wetside would sometimes send it far enough away from the glass that you couldn't reconnect the dryside magnet without putting your arm in the tank.


The new version is called the Fl!pper Cleaner, and it was just picked up by Coralvue for distribution. Duard gave me one to try out, so I told him I would post my comments about it here.


I'll start by saying that the Fl!pper has everything I liked about the Mag-Flip with none of the problems. To start with, the Fl!pper has metal blades (plastic blades are available for those of you with acrylic tanks). These blade have cut through the toughest algae and coraline on my new tank. The magnet is also much stronger, preventing the flyaways I previously dealt with. The new, stronger magnets also mean that it works even on larger tanks with thicker glass.

Overall I give the product two fins up. If you're looking for a great scraper for your tank you'll be hard pressed to find one better.

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I have two of the newer versions of the Flipper at home. Bought one at MACNA last year and then purchased another from their online store late last year. This has been the best glass cleaning/scraping product I have ever used. It works great on the 100g and isn't even too big for my 29g BioCube. It is so nice to be able to scrape algae off the glass without using the long handled scrapers. I hated having to get my hands wet just to clean the glass. When I purchased the 2nd Flipper, I got a nice email response from the company saying that they appreciated my comments and purchase. Thought that was a nice touch. This is certainly an aquarium product I personally cannot live without! I plan on getting a third for my 29g Nano Cube.

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