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SPS going bald, is this normal?


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So I have a handful of SPS now in my tank, for a while everything was doing very well, good to great growth etc. recently, about a week ago, I noticed that some of the SPS were starting to show some recession on the tips. Actually none of the 4 pieces of birdnest I have are doing this, and actually they are still growing strong and looking great.

There are two Digi frags (Electric Blue Digi & Forest Green Digi), and the other I believe is a ORA Purple Stylo frag, but I could be wrong about that.

A few pictured that I've seen online of the Stylo seems to have the same issue, a couple examples are:



Couple pics of mine SPS (sorry the pics are so blury):

The "balding" ones




Besides the tips, the polyps have nice colorful and full extension.

And a couple that are looking great, well not so much in these pics, but in they tank they do! smile.png



So is there a problem or is this just what these corals do?

Thanks for reading!

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