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what about just a frag?

We generally do not frag anything. If it doesn't come to us as a frag form. Then we don't touch it. But, in some cases if we see a lot of requests for a frag of an item. We will frag it.

We could turn this thread into size of frag requests. :)

From the looks of the pic its around a 4"x4", 4"x5-6" or so. We will see the size when we open the box in the morning.


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We cannot get good pic of these shipments.. So tomorrow we'll have a photographer come in and do it up for us..

But, this is our list..

Florida Ricordea's
Purple or Blue
Ultra Multicolor
All $16.00 Each or LESS!

Acans ALL colors (4 to 8 Heads Each)
$34.00 Each or 4 for $100.00

Purple/Blue Favia 4"x5-6"

Designer Clowns:
Medium Black Ice Clownfish $80.00
Small Picasso Clownfish $30.00
Medium Maine Mocha Clownfish $20.00
Medium Naked Clownfish $40.00
Small Ocellaris Clownfish $10.00
Small Phantom Clownfish $98.00
Large Clarkii Clownfish $14.00
Small Snowflake Ocellaris clownfish $40.00
Small Picasso Clownfish $30.00
Large Barberi Clownfish (Amphiprion barberi) $16.00

4-5" Powder Brown

Black Longspine Urchin

Blue Leg Hermits
$1.00 each
10 for $5.00

4"-5" Speckled Crocea $60.00
2-3" Speckled Crocea $35.00
4-5" Squamosa $90.00

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