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ARC Book Club - Time to vote for the winter quarter book


ARC Book Club: Winter 2013 Book Choices  

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Instead of cleaning house on my day off, I decided to try and find some books for us to read. I found it challenging to locate books on my initial topic of interest, do corals feel pain, so I decided to try two other approaches. The first two books in the poll are authored by presenters we will see at C4 in April. The second two books are the closest items I could find that may contain information on the ethics of coral propagation. I've included links to brief descriptions of each book below. Let's try to get all of our votes in within two weeks. Then we can see about trying to get a special group buy deal on the book of our choosing. And no, simply voting for a book does not obligate you to purchase the item wink.png.









PS: Moderators - can we get ARC Book Club to be a sub-forum within Reef Keeping?

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Okay so maybe we can make this our vote for the summer quarter? I totally got distracted by work but have time now. How would everyone like to proceed? Anyone know how to get group buy discounts on books?

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