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DIY Overflow


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Ok so here is what I am trying to figure out. I found this overflow setup that seems pretty safe. I know that there are risks with out the tank being drilled. my tank is setup and tempered glass on all panels. This system seems pretty safe. I am contiplating if I can come up with a pretty safe way of doing an overflow to put a sump under my tank.

In worse case scenario if I leave enough head space on my tank to were it can hold the water from my return pump section in my sump that it is fail safe the only thing that would happen is maybe burn up a pump. But no damage to my house.

Anyone come up with an External overflow that would work better or any suggestions would help.

As of right now I am just going to turn my HOB filter (emporer 400) into a refugium and get a HOB skimmer and do bi-monthly water changes.

Let me know what you guys think.

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In case you haven't started already and looking for another diy. There's a mame overflow that some others have made pvc versions. It's a little more compliacted looking but it self siphons. Also looks really wicked.

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