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1/3 HP Chiller New In Box - $300 [Reduced from $500]


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I'm selling a Aqualogic 1/3 HP drop-in chiller. It has never been used, although it has been sitting in a garage for about 5 years. I am glad to let you verify that it works before you buy it. It is basically the exact same thing as this chiller: http://www.marinedepot.com/Aqua_Logic_Trimline_Cyclone_1_3HP_Chiller_TLC_4_with_Temperature_Controller_1_3_HP_Greater_Drop_In_Aquarium_Chillers-Aqua_Logic-AL2133-FICHDIQT-AL2137K-vi.html'>http://www.marinedepot.com/Aqua_Logic_Trimline_Cyclone_1_3HP_Chiller_TLC_4_with_Temperature_Controller_1_3_HP_Greater_Drop_In_Aquarium_Chillers-Aqua_Logic-AL2133-FICHDIQT-AL2137K-vi.html However, mine does not have a temperature controller. A controller is basically a switch with a temp probe that will cycle the chiller on and off when needed. Here is an Aqualogic branded one: http://www.petstore.com/aqua-logic-digital-temperature-controller-single-stage'>http://www.petstore.com/aqua-logic-digital-temperature-controller-single-stage You could get a cheaper one easily, though. It is just a temperature controlled relay. Note that this kind of chiller will ADD heat to the room it is in. Ideally, you would put it in a garage and string the chiller line inside. You don't need any plumbing for this kind of chiller, just drop the coil in your sump. This chiller is intended for around 160 - 300 Gallons. Normal retail is around $900 + expensive shipping. I need to get this out of my house, so I'm selling it for $500. I'm not doing reefkeeping now because of my job sad.png so not interested in trades. Sorry. I'm not checking the forums regularly, so please call me at 512-296-4130.

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