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Clearing frags


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Large green rhodactis (attached to rubble) - $10 sold etannert
Candy apple paly (2-3 polyps per plug) -$5 1 pending to theresa (1 left)
Undata (green w/light blue polyps) -$10 (1)
Fairy Dust Palys (what these were sold to me as, not so sure they match the pics online) (20-30 polyps) - $30
Fire and Ice Zoas (10-15 heads) $25 (pending to theresa)
Large devil's Hand (fist sized with attached LR) with blue clove polyps on base ($5) (2 of the three large lobes are pissed because I just moved it)
Blue clove polyps ($5 per)

Here's the blue clove polyps:


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