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Diamond in The Rough!


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Sorry guys had an emergency back home and had to leave for a few days. But i'm ready to reveal my little project. First things First pic of my empty tank


So i wanted to try something different with the tank so everything in this build is DIY. The tank, the light, the stand and tank holder.


I drilled the back of the glass for two 1/2" bulk heads for the supply and the return.


Then a frame i made at work with scrap metal. It's nice to have a manufacturing plant at your disposal.

I had never used a mig welder before and it shows but all the welds are strong and i grounded them down to look better anyway.


Next i used a very cheap clip on light and took out all the guts and removed the clip. I used a piece of all thread and drilled and tapped the 1" block of aluminum and attached the LED's to it. The lights are Hybrid blue/white (20000k white/ 450nm blue) and the other all 10000k cool white, 10 watts apiece. The driver is a cheap China made constant current 12v-5A that i had from another project. It was just sitting there so i made use of it. At first it ran fine but started to flicker and got hot since there is no air movement. So i tied in a small CPU fan and that did the trick. Forgot to take a picture but i will get one later today.post-2319-0-25827900-1358523932_thumb.jp

post-2319-0-32228800-1358524148_thumb.jpMy stand is a generic stero console stand. I bought it for $15 dollars at the Thrift Store. It works great for what my needs.


This is how mounted the light. I broke off the clipp leaving the screw on part of the bendible shaft. I made a small mounting bracket and welded it on the back of the steal tank holder. Thats where i had globs of welding wire. LOL but oh well it worked out fine though.

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And here is the tank with everything put together and lit up in the garage. Not bad for the first time.



I hooked up the tank using my XP2 Rena filter. It's about 2 gallons so it worked out for me and i have GFO and Carbon in the last tray. I ran all the hose through the wooden stand cutting through with a 1" hole saw. Looks cleaner and neater IMO. Also straighted out the hose.


Here is a pic with the sand and rock. I guess i got excited putting in the water and turning on the whole thing that i forgot to take a pic with the water in it. I will update that as soon as possible. Hope you guys like it. I'll start making a list of the stuff i spent and all the money i saved. I'm sure i saved quite a bit on the tank so that should go to my slush fund. Will get back very soon.

Break down of equipment and livestock:


Tank= free (DIY tank, 5.25 gallons, had sheets of glass in my garage)

Rock= 7lbs $2.24lb/ $15.68lbs from BRS

Sand= 6lbs $6.68 (10lb bag from PetCo)

Stand $15.00 Stereo cabinet from Thrift Center

Tank Stand free from scrap at work



1=Yellow tail Damsel $4.99 from Aquatek

1=Ocelleris Clown $17.45 from PetCo

1=Flower Anemone $8.00 from Aquadome



Green Palys $5.00 (4 palys from my main tank prices from RCA)

GSP $5.00 (from my main tank prices from RCA)

Red Mushroom $5.00 from AquaDome

Candy Cane $10.00 from RCA

Purple Digi $5.00 from Mitch

Devils hand free

Anthelia $5.00 from boognish



Rena XP2 $45.00 clearance item from PetCo

Bulk heads qty=2 $12.50 from RCA

Light DIY lamp $5.00 from Walmart

cpu fan $4.25 EBAY

LED Hybrid $7.99 qty=1 EBAY

10k LED $4.25 qty=1 EBAY

1"alu block Free scrap from work 2"x2"x1" block

Timer $5.65 from Sears

Plumbing $14.00 from Lowes (silicone,barbed nipples, hose)

Power strip qty=2 total $6.00 from IKEA ($3 each)

DIY ATO $1.00 float switch from EBAY

$19.00 Toms Aqualifter from RCA

free Acrylic brkt from work

$1.00 liter bottle from Dollar Tree

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LOL yeah it worked but Totally cracked my first panel. I was almost all the way through and it caught and shattered my glass. But it worked great the second time. The seams are a little sloppy because that opening is pretty small for my big hands. All in all i think it came out good....

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I thought about doing that but won't get it to grow that quickly in 6 months. You know what i'm going to try it anyway on both sides but my intentions where to make a gsp ball on the rock. I had also thought about doing it on the back glass like a mat but might glue a monti back there. Not sure yet..

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good question!! I haven't cleaned it yet but looks like i'm going to need some type of filter wrapped on a stick. I can reach around and wipe the glass but it's when i'll have the coral that i'll run out of room. For now it doesn't seem that hard...

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