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The Butterfly Bar on the eastside has been very good to us. But #gillmurray can sit still, because he is a fish. Where would y'all like to see the next Drink Like a Fish happy hour? Somewhere local is preferable, with lots of room and reasonable prices. Someone suggested Brick House, and Flying Saucer. If you have a good suggestion, or have a connection somewhere let me know! The general consensus was to have it up north. We can do a south one sometime but the southies will have to speak up!

Where should Gill Murray go next?

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The next social site is booked. I'll let y'all in the next week or two what the details are. It is up north (yay) and they're planning on bringing discounted gift cards if anyone is interested in a bargain.

I'll share more once we nail down the date. :)

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