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predator tank macro

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My guess is that the fish you listed prolly won't care what the macro is. They will consider it to be cover, shade, or something to swim around. Pick one that works for your lighting and flow and suits your visual preferences.

I have a crab that DEVASTATES macros. Uproots, eats, chops, moves, etc... Still trying to find the right macro for that tank, something he will ignore.


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Predators don't really eat things that don't move around. One thing to consider is that their food does. Puffers and Triggers have teeth that grow indefinately so you have to feed them things that keep the growth in check. Live clams, muscles, crabs ect work great but crabs will eat the macros. Something to think about.

I've seen Triggers eat macro off the rocks while diving in Hawaii.

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Personally, I like caulerpa prolifera. It grows well and makes a nice hide for the fish. If you want some I can give it to you. A strand is enough to start. Feed it plant fertilizer and I swear you can see it grow.


Don't be scared by the "going sexual" thing. It does it from time to time and it doesn't affect a thing in a healthy tank.

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