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Drink Like a Fish (October 25 at Butterfly Bar)

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Hey all, sorry for posting in the wrong spot. Today I Learned the wonder that is the "View New Content" button. And there goes my productivity.

Sadly I won't be able to make it as the wife reminded me that's our anniversary. I won't even tell you her reaction when I suggested that we could celebrate with y'all. Note to self, next time tel

Photodude - please help him

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I don't think we can get cask conditioned by Thursday night. But I am already thinking about the brews that will be in the shop once the store opens.

Speaking of brews I went by Butterfly this evening and caught #gillmurray enjoying a tallboy. Is he even 21 in fish years?


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I think that is similar to a lager..


Yep it is...

In order to do a lager you need to be able to ferment at low temps... I have a fermentation chiller, but I can't get temps low enough to do a lager. Beers like that are really hard to do because there is not much taste there. The less taste the more you can taste screw ups..

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Once again, our paths cross Lewis. I've got a beer fridge that I use to ferment lagers. I haven't brewed in a while, but if you want to use my fridge, let me know.

awesome. yeah try to make it out to the social tomorrow. (Caroline from Amazonia is supposed to be there so it is a guaranteed good time).

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