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FTC Disclosures


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Beginning December 1, 2009, the FTC requires disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. Per these rules, if the club or its representatives review a company’s equipment and they were provided the equipment to review, it must be specified. The same goes for the club using an affiliate link even if said link earns just pennies on the dollar. If a sponsor provides a comfy t-shirt with a logo and staff or members wear it in a photo, the same applies, which would lead to there being disclaimers all over the site. This is tedious for us, and annoying for you to look at, but rules are rules.

Sometimes equipment is sent to the club to review and sometimes we purchase equipment on our own and review it. However, to cover ourselves and preserve your reading/viewing experience, please assume that for every recommendation, link, and/or product you see on the site the following hold true:


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