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135G Lagoon

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This view down the length of the tank, is taken thru my HOB filter box. I have many pods that live in this acrylic box.



I just did install a new light on the right third of the tank. The previous fixture had 26 white and 26 blue 3W LED. The new fixture has the same number of 3W LED. One variable rheostat has all blue lights. The second variable rheostat has 4 red, 2 green and twenty white. I find the shimmering effect particularly strong with this fixture. There is also an ever present rainbow separation of colors associated with the glitter lines.

The fixture on the left has 56 blue and 56 white 3W LED. I like the contrast of colors as fish swim to different sides of the tank, as if to show their best colors under each light array.

I am enjoying this tank. I just did move some Frogspawn survivors into this tank. My goal is heavy on the macro with NPS, LPS and where filter feeders of all kinds abound.


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