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Anyone tried the Radium HQI bulb?


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I switched back to my 10K reeflux after using the 12K's for a few months and have decided that I don't really like the color. I hope someone can share experiences with the Radium bulb. Also should I change out my 420 nm T5 actinic for some 10K bulbs? TIA


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Here are my thoughts-

I've heard alot of good things about the Radium bulbs but every good thing I've read is on a magnetic ballast, and the bulb is being overdriven.

On the T5's-

I think you'll lose alot of color switching the T5 bulbs out. No metal halide bulbs over the spike at 420 that a true actinic flourescent bulb can add.

And if I may... why didn't you like both the 10 and 12k's?

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