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Slowing to the flow on an emperor 280


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I just got a skimmer for my tank last week and would like to mod my HOB filter into a refugium.

Anyone have any ideas on how to slow down the flow? I will be growing cheato.

Here are some things i have been thinking about trying:

Possibly cutting the impeller down, either from 6 tabs to 4 or 3 / or to keep the 6 and just cut them closer to the base?

Also about removing some of the casing above the impeller area and creating an overflow to the main compartment?

Also adding a bag of carbon before the main compartment (considered doing this anyway to help with organic filtration), is this a good idea?

What do yall think?


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If the flow causes the Chaeto to rotate under the light, it would actually be a good thing for you and would allow the whole ball to get light all the way around and allow for faster growth, thus removing more nutrients. If you are wanting pods and other critters to live in there, I would trim the length of each blade on the impellor evenly rather than taking one or two completely off. That could cause a wobble of the impellor and problems down the line. I wouldn't recommend taking too much off at a time though... Good luck.

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