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2 golden dwarf moray eels


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I would like them to stay together they are always close to each other.

I am shutting down the tank they are in so they need a new home. I will be catching them on Friday and can delever to rca/aqutec on Friday or Sat.

150 for the pair.

I dont have pics but they are a pale yellow color with brown dots. I have had them well over a year now. It took over a month to get them to eat anything and now they will eat just about anything you put in there face with tongs. They spent a few weeks not eating again when I moved them so if you get them dont worry if they dont eat for a while I plan to feed them heavy on Thurs night.

I will take a pic of them after I catch them.

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I just removed them from the biocube so they are not real happy, The black dots on them are sand. They are currently being aclumated to my other tank where they will be in a tuperware bowl with holes in it till delevered

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