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Lago Vista


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Its been a while since I have been on the site.... Curious to know if anyone resides in Lago Vista? After a year of being in the north an opportunity has come along that may allow us to relocate back to the Austin area. I have been to Lago Vista many times and like the small town feel and for that reason we are leaning toward finding a home there in the upcoming months.

Just a couple questions for anyone that might live in the area.

1) Are there public boat ramps? I only ask because there seem to be several private but can't seem to find public ramps

2) ATV's allowed? I noticed that there seem to be endless ATV trails throughout the area and just wondering if people are free to ride them or is there a city ordinance against them?

3) Crime rate. With a small town I would assume that crime rate is extremely low but who is better to ask than residents.

4) Entertainment. From what I remember there are not many restaurants and other entertainment but then again its been several years since I have been in Lago Vista and I'm sure somethings have changed. We would like to live there to get out of the city life so entertainment is not all that important but nice restaurants near by are always a plus.

I realize these are not important questions to most but I only ask these because I could not find much information. We like the water and ATV's and with lots of lake shore and trails it would be great to know if areas are easily accessible for enjoyment.


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Hey Gary,

I don't live out there so I cannot comment with much authority, but I think I can offer a few insights.

1) The lakes in the area are way down so many boat ramps, public or otherwise, are no where near water.

2) I imagine that in some neighborhoods you can use them, but running around the city is probably not kosher.

3) & 4) While still small, this whole area has grown tremendously including LV. I would imagine both crime and entertainment options have both gone up. No where near Austin levels, but some.

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Jones brother park in Jonestown has a boat ramp that used to be $3 to launch from. Probably still closed though due to the drought. I have also seen people launch boats from the park at the end of lohmans ford

Road down by point venture.

I would call the PD or talk to one of the officers. They would surely know about the crime rate or areas to stay away from.

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I appreciate the information. After posting I started looking at Lake Travis and found that it is 60+ feet below its normal depth. I had no idea that the drought that took place over this past summer was that drastic.

Good to hear that the area is growing. Again, I have not been out that way in several years and at that time it had a nice small town feeling which was nice. I appreciate your reply and can't wait to get back south!

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