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Water Storage tank


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Actualy its our year end clean up <lol kind of late wink.png> but I have several sizes avalable that will soon be ground up and recycled into new parts. They do not have any visible holes and its not the buisness selling them I can just get them and sell them for the plastic value. No its not stealing smile.png my family owns it.

I can also add bulkhead or spin fitting as needed and some already have them. They range in size of 10ish gal up to 200 ish gal all. They are not going to be avalible for long as we will start cutting them up to regrind them into powder in the next week or so. We also have 2 5000 gal tanks if you have a large DT lol.

you will have to show up at midnight on Sunday for pick up <just kidding>

If this is a violation of not being a vendor then feel free to delete it but its not the buisness selling them and they are a one time offering as we sold our water holding tank line once they are gone thats it.

the 25 gal is an old one from my garage I have only used for ro/di but I am putting in larger tanks.

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I have 21"dia by 22" tall round tanks that hold abour 35 gal <if I did my math right> I will double check the gallons when I get a chance to grab the right formula.

they are 40 for blue or 45 for green

23Dx48 70 gal for 75

23Dx36 50 gal $55 only one of this size

15Dx27 20 gal 25

12Dx24 not marked I t hink they are 12 ish gal $20

42Dx60 250 gal $200

32Dx84 250 gal $200

23Dx80 130 gal $110

23Dx64 100 gal 90

all sizes are aprox but close if you need an exact size I can get it when I go in to the shop

3/4 bulkheads are $10 each installed if you have a hole saw the right size its very ez to do.

they are rough un finished tanks so you may need to sand the edges or use a razor blade to clean off some of the edges.

we also have bigger bulkeads

If you are interested I can take pics. If you are not please dont ask me to dive down and take pics wink.png lol

most come in green black or natural <white>

if its going outside you do not want natural it will grow algea

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if you want an item let me know via pm and I will hold it with paypal payment.

I make a trip to rca aqua austin farms aquatek about every other week so can delever when I head out that way to one of those locations

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